Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kiss My Sass

I haven't had much to say, as I've been mainly engrossed in work and spending all my time in my neighbors' room, but I will say that I love the floor of the building I've moved into. The people that live here are a diverse bunch, but they're all pretty close-knit as well. And yet everyone is so friendly, knocking on my door just to introduce themselves and being so accommodating and accepting.

As I was taking pictures today, I was thinking that I want to get a little more interesting with my photoshoots. I just need to think of some way to do that.

As badass as I could possibly muster in a pink dress and a belt with a butterfly on it.

I feel like I'm wearing a damn WWE Championship belt.

This is an honest face. Actually, I think I had a mouthful of pasta. I'm always eating while taking these pictures for some reason.

I like this scarf.

Additional photo from the depths of my messy room.

Belt: eBay
Leggings: American Apparel
Legwarmers: H&M
Shoes: ASOS
Scarf: Hot Topic


Sina said...

Nice Outfit!Like it!

MizzJ said...

Cute dress and love it with the belt!

*kate* said...

i love that belt!
don't worry when the weather gets warmer i am sure you will be able to take some outdoor shots.. or find someone in your building that is a photography major that is always fun!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bright pink!

Sweet Things said...

great belt

lizbeth said...

Sina - Thank you!!!

MizzJ - Thanks. The dress is kind of bumming me out because lots of threads are coming loose. I've never had that happen before. Must be super super cheaply made.

kate - I'll feel like a total weirdo taking pictures outside by myself on a busy college campus, but maybe I could have a friend do it. Or I could hide in some woods? I don't know if we have woods. I'm an amateur photographer myself, but all I've taken is basic photo and now photojournalism.

Amie - Thanks! I've been on a pink kick lately... Probably because of my Betsey Johnson purse.

Sweet Things - Thanks! It's a bit big on me, but I get away with it :)