Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little Bit of Housekeeping

So I'm thinking of including more content in my blog, because mainly I post outfits and gratuitous Katy Perry pictures. I do find a lot of inspiration that I never get around to posting, though. I may very well start posting more than once every day, because I'm not sure I'm too keen on mashing everything together in one daily post (like I did in this one). I think I'll do it gradually (and at my own leisure), but there are no rules here. Anything goes.

Today, I kind of freaked out over two items from the-factory-vintage on eBay

If this would fit me (I'm a 34 bust, not 32), I wouldn't be sharing it with you, I'd have it selfishly bookmarked for myself.

I own too many sequined things already to justify purchasing this.

I also figured I'd share with you a couple pictures from today. I wore this outfit already in my Wild Winter post on January 18th, but I realized, I never showed it without the hoodie! I thought it looked particularly nice with just the vest over the shirt.
Me at 9am, almost late for class.

And lastly, how cool is this Tetris quilt? Maybe I'm just too nerdy for my own good, but I beat a version of Tetris on an old computer when I was younger and didn't know what to do with my life once I did. This brings back fond memories.

Original image: Hipster Runoff


*kate* said...

i want that quilt! My boyfriend is obsessed with blankets lol and i was thinking of making him a quilt with all his concert tees that are sitting in a box but now i may have to induldge in his video game love... ahhh :)

Riley said...

agh, i wish i was good at tetris. the farthest i ever got was level 8, and i think that was out of 100.

Lesley said...

I want a tetris blanket!

Emily Anne said...

I love tetris! and those dresses are really cute...i probably wouldnt share them on my blog! yeah, im so nice xD

Anonymous said...

I NEED that sequin dress. Holy Crap!