Friday, January 23, 2009

Fly Like Paper

Just so you know, I'm moving back to school in New York (Long Island, to be exact) tomorrow, which is why I haven't really been able to read very many blogs lately and catching up is going to be impossible, but once I get settled again, I'll be back to reading and commenting on others' blogs more frequently. It's been very difficult sorting through and deciding which clothes to bring and which to leave behind. What kills me most is all the shoes I'm leaving here in Massachusetts. I'll miss my candy apple red pumps, my cowboy boots, and my rainbow of Chuck Taylors the most. I am stoked on being able to go shopping in New York City again, though, even if I won't have very much money.

Today I wore this pink lacy tube dress with a couple things that each kind of gave it a different vibe... A jacket from Filene's basement (that smells like oranges for some reason), and a shrunken black cardigan.

My eyes made me look sickly today, so I threw on some sunglasses.

Does anyone even own footless tights any more?

See, my eyes look sick-ish. Hope that doesn't mean I'm getting sick.

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: The Limited
Jacket: Filene's Basement
Footless tights: Target
Shoes: Aeropostale
Sunglasses: I forget and I wish I knew.
Hair ribbon: Off of a present (as usual).


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love pink and black together. it reminds me that i need to own more pink because i don't have too much of it. wow, school in new york. that sounds like so much fun! i hope you have a great time!

*kate* said...
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*kate* said...

this outfit reminds me of a girl who got kicked out of ballet class and she leaves on a motorcycle.. lol.. great mix.. love it

ps i love the snowman waving at us through the door :)

lizbeth said...

toni - Thanks! Haha, I went all last year, I just skipped last semester because I complicated the hell out of things when I almost transfered out then decided not to last minute. This semester will finish out my junior year. Which makes me like two years behind... Ha.

*kate* - Come to think of it, that's a fairly accurate description of this look!! I can't be ALL girlish and sugary and sweet, can I? :)

I should remind my grandparents to take down those decorations... My grandma LOVES snowmen.

Jeanine said...

This suits you very well! The ribbon looks cute on you!