Saturday, January 3, 2009

Katy Perry Part Two

I thought it was about time to go through some more pictures of one of my biggest "style crushes" or whatever you'd want to call her.

More Katy Perry for you.

All original images came from and/or Google image search.

How... Precious?

I love that she wears a lot of turquoise and pink together. And I love this little two-piece set, too.

I really must own this dress. Seriously, it makes me crazy thinking about it.

Um. Hello. How ridiculous is this? ...That's how much I love it.

I love ice cream, hearts... Anything cutesy.

I'm pretty sure I own this dress/tunic or something that's virtually identical.


Fun sunglasses.

I love this romper. And that belt. Very 80s.

That dress... Can you say COVET?

I call people on my shoes all the time.

I like the colors.

I want my walls to look like those.

Ridiculously oversized bow. Oh, if I could only get away with this.

Super vintage. Super cool.


MizzJ said...

Love her style! She's so fun and carefree in that retro way I wish I could get away with in real life.

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

in that first photo she looks like the villain from the disney movie the rescuers! haha. she has some cute outfits.

Anonymous said...

She's really cute! A perfect Pin Up girl!

lizbeth said...

MizzJ - I love it, too. I wish I could pull off some of the stuff she wears, too. Sometimes I wear silly things myself... I sort of have an "all-for-fun" fashion philosophy anyway. People are getting used to it :)

toni - So true! Haha, my only complaint about her is that she never wears any cold weather clothes!! You never see her in tights or sweaters.

Nadine - I agree! I love how perfectly she pulls off the retro look.

Nil said...

Her style is like a dream come true!

lizbeth said...

Oh, don't I know it!! :)