Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Lovely. So Lazy.

I've wasted no time going shopping here on Long Island... I hit up the Roosevelt Field Mall, which happens to be one of the most amazing malls I've ever seen, as well as the closest mall to me currently... Even though I can't afford half of the stores, I can go and drool on everything. I bought a skirt from American Apparel, a pair of Diesel jeans (my wallet is crying), some great stuff I've been eying from Forever 21, some makeup at Sephora, and a new battery for my Swatch (yep, I own a Swatch).

These are my new babies (from Diesel's website):

For future reference, the style was Lowky 008SI I got size 25x32.

Check the studs.

You'll see my own pictures and the rest of that in due time. I still haven't worn anything interesting/presentable since I got here, just black skirts, leggings, v-necks, and the same old pair of boots. But classes start tomorrow so I'll have to scrape something together. Until then, here are two things from trashy.com that I wish I could own:

These boots are awesome. I don't know what else to say about them, they're just great.

This hat is sweet, but it seems a bit silly to spend $175 on something I'd never have a reason to wear. Gorgeous, though.

Also, I was tagged again like a week or two ago by Amy of Fashions fade, style is forever.

I'm tagging... You. As in, whoever wants to do this.

10 Things I Adore:
1. Going to shows and seeing live music.
2. Zombie movies.
3. Traveling. I hope to actually get to travel someday, because I want to see so many places but have never gotten the chance.
4. Baking new, different things. Also, eating those baked goods.
5. Lolcats.
6. Space-saving storage solutions.
7. Alliteration (see above).
8. Scrubs. I own every season on DVD.
9. Starbucks. Everywhere I go, their baristas are so pleasant. And OMGCOFFEE.
10. Everything from Scandinavia. Hello, most stylish people ever.

10 Things I Loathe
1. Covers of songs that just SHOULD NOT be covered - Like anything by the Cure or Queen or Led Zeppelin. NO, musicians. Don't touch. And also that tear-inducingly AWFUL country version of "Life is a Highway" from the Cars soundtrack. Bad covers hurt my heart.
2. People who don't pay attention to where they're going in the mall/any given store and don't realize (or care!) that they're in my way.
3. Being interrupted.
4. Seagulls.
5. Cold weather. But I do like dressing in winter clothes. Quite a conundrum.
6. When I'm hanging out one-on-one with a friend and they never stop texting. It's incredibly rude.
7. People with huge amounts of spending money. Whatever, I can hate because I'm jealous, right?
8. People who do lame things just to feel validated. For example, girls who follow bands around just to try and get close with them.
9. Cutting my toenails.
10. Sarah Jessica Parker's style on Sex and the City. There, I said it, and no, it's not a crime. I know every fashionista just adored her, but I didn't get it. Yuck.

5 Random Facts About myself
1. I'm directly descended (like, 12th great-granddaughter or something) from Roger Conant, the person who founded my hometown of Salem, Massachusetts in 1626. (Salem Witch Trials, anyone?)
2. I've never had a sunburn. I used to be really tan as a kid, but now when I go out in the sun, I don't tan or burn at all.
3. I CAN NOT multiply two two-digit numbers together, even if I try to do it out on paper. I never learned how. I hate math and I refuse to do it.
4. I've slept on more strangers' floors than I care to divulge.
5. I have had a crush on Jason Schwartzman since Rushmore came out in like, 1998. (Ha, I couldn't think of any more facts...)


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

your facts were very interesting. is it weird of me to say that i'm fascinated by the salem witch trials?

and i love those jeans. they are cute!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Those Diesel jeans are really cool!

kait.lyn said...

i love diesel jeans, the studs are hotttt. i wish i could fit in them! =[[

lizbeth said...

toni - I'm glad someone appreciated them!! And no, that's not strange. I think it's cool that my city has an interesting and strange history.

Su - Thanks!! It was kind of an impulse purchase, but I have been thinking about picking up some Diesel jeans, so I just did it.

kait.lyn - Thaaaanks! The studs were kind of a big selling point for me, actually. I went in to poke at the sale racks and when they didn't satisfy me, I just bought these instead. Why wouldn't they fit you?

valerie said...

Scandinavians really do have the best style!

lizbeth said...

Totally! True story: Hel-looks was the site that initially began my long journey into style blogging.

Dannie said...

heeeey...those jeans are bangin!!! im dting for studs at tha moment...btw, we should excahnge links...i thought we already did but i dont see my blog on your page :(

lizbeth said...

Whoops! If we did, I don't remember, but I'll take care of that right now :)