Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Warmest Knit Sweater I Own

My goal for today was to keep warm because it feels like I'm living in the arctic circle lately. This sweater did the trick. I ended up with a green v-neck under it, though, to make things less itchy.

Kind of boring. But I'm a big fan of fair isle.

I hate boots with wedge heels, but these are the warmest boots I own! Why do I own them? I was 17 when I got them... Tastes change.

I do love pom poms, though.

What is this face? I've never seen myself make this face...

Sweater: eBay
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Boots: Bongo


Anonymous said...

very nordic cute :)

yiqin; said...

I love the sweater & boots! So comfy & chic!

Maya said...

warm and cute!

lizbeth said...

Trisch - Thanks! I loooove Norwegian sweaters. For real.

yiqin; - Thank you!!!

Maya - Thank you, too!