Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black Sweatery Things

Not much to say for today. I'm still sick and feeling awful, but I'm starting my new classes. This morning I had feature/magazine writing and copy editing back to back with the same teacher, who I had last semester and whom I like a whole lot. Later I have some media law class. Fun fact: I hate law and politics.

My hair was in no way presentable today. Voila, a hat.

A different kind of style book entirely. Anyone else a journalism major?

Instead of hiding my ugly mug away for the duration of my sickness, I've decided to just go with it and have fun. This was some honest-to-goodness real nose-blowing action.


Shirt: H&M
Jumper: Target
Hat: H&M
Leggings: Target
Boots: Kohl's


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

that jumper is so cute! target has great things sometimes. and i love your dorm room. ahh, memories. :) hope you feel better.

lizbeth said...

Thanks, I like Target pretty much all the time. You probably can't tell, but the jumper has pockets, too!!

My dorm is a cute little space, but my walls are in dire need of a little flair. I deliberately chose not to bring anything and now I'm too lazy to go find stuff for them. :)

Anonymous said...

hats are the perfect solution to hair issues! :) cute jumper!

La C.

Emily said...

I love those particular H&M shirts. I have one in orange.

I saw Thursday live way back in 2004. It was a good time.

lizbeth said...

La C. - I agree! I almost forgot about them until I moved back into the dorms here. For some reason, living at school has made me extra resourceful and taught me some very valuable things about solutions for EVERY clothing disaster/weather situation. Thanks!!

Emily - I have this one and a grey one... Love 'em!!

I saw Thursday in 2002 and 2005. Tight as hell. Oh! And Warped Tour 2006.

Merily said...

Loving your hat!

Maverick said...

Cute pics!! I hope you feel better mavi

Sam said...

You look lovely! And I hope you're better soon! Constantly blowing your nose can get annoying

jaime said...

such a beautiful and chic outfit, as always :) and hope you get better soon sweetie!

lizbeth said...

Merily - Thanks!! I love it as well!

Maverick - Thanks!! I'm still sick, though, and it's lame :(

Sam - Ugh, don't I know it! And thank youuuu!!!

jaime - Well thank you!! Good to hear from you <33