Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love the 80's

I was going through all the pictures on my computer and I came across some pictures from a random trip to Philadelphia a little over a year ago... My friends and I decided to hit Philly up 80s style, and I still think the outfit I put together was excellent:

I have no idea what this face is. I loved the purple walls and they matched my pants. This was in the bathroom at the Trocadero Balcony.

I make pleasant faces.

I think I might want my black hair back.

Not pictured were my hot pink and neon green Kangaroos sneakers.

T-shirt: Some dumpy shop, NYC.
Jacket: Gap
Hoodie: H&M
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Kangaroos
Glasses: DKNY
Headband: Borrowed (and subsequently stolen) from my friend.
Earrings: Don't remember.
Necklaces: Dollar store somewhere in Poughkeepsie.

And aw, here are some Facebook pictures of that rainbow cake I said I made with my friends a week or two ago... Some were taken with my friend's digital SLR and some are my cell phone photos, but whatever. I know how much you all liked my red velvet cupcakes, so enjoy.

Batter, unmixed.

The cake before it went into the oven.

We also made star-shaped rainbow cupcakes.

They turned out like this.

The cake looked like this.

And this was what it looked like inside.

Nicole and I.

And my, how I've changed in a year.


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

your outfit is cute! and i like you with dark hair. it looks good on you. :)

Stacy said...

The star cake is awesome!

kait.lyn said...

omg i can not waiit to try this cake thing out. i'm stoked.

Emily said...

rainbow cake! how fun :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute post - Right about now is a good time for more colour because I don't know about you but all this snow and winter is not contributing well to my happiness.

By the way, I've linked you on my blog :)

lizbeth said...

toni - Thanks! My hair is always dark. Someday I'll bleach it. Maybe. I'm gonna find a wig shop and try on bleached-blonde wigs.

Stacy - Aren't they cute? My friend has had those star tins for ages and we were so excited to get to use them.

kait.lyn - It turned out really awesome... We went the non-diet route, though. Haha. We like fat in our diets.

Emily - I know. I think I should have a baking blog or something.

Trisch - I agree. I toned down color for a little while, but I'm drawn more to brightly colored outfits and I'm starting to think they look better on me...

And I'll be sure to link you back ASAP :)

Anonymous said...

I love the rainbow cake - and the star cookies ^.^.

Kat George said...

Send me some of those cakes please! They look DIVINE! xx

lizbeth said...

Nadine - They were good... Kind of tasted like marshmallows for some reason!!

Kat George - I would if I could!! Haha