Thursday, January 8, 2009


Can we discuss how effing cool these are?!

Original image:

They're "Handscape" rings by Zelda beauchampet. The description at this site says "Handscape turns your fingers into a little landscape. Elements of our daily lives have been translated into small figures. There are six different rings which you can combine as you like. Just put them around your finger and create a personal handscape. "

If you've got a crapton of money to blow on trees and bunnies... Shop here. And get me some, while you're at it.


Maverick said...

Oooh! Great find! What a cool idea for rings. I love those! It'd be cool to collect a bunch of them, don't you think? :)

x. mavvie

jaleh said...

those are amazing! i want i want.

jaime said...

oh gosh they ARE amazing! i want oneee :)

Anonymous said...

ah these are so cute!
and happy belated birthday!

Nike said...

love the rings.

lizbeth said...

Maverick - Absolutely! I want them all.

jaleh - You and me both!

jaime - Too bad they're a bit too pricey, eh? Cute concept, though.

emma - Thank you

Nike - Thanks for visiting, I love 'em too!

MizzJ said...

So cute! Haha I bet they would hurt like a b*tch too in a fist fight.

lizbeth said...

Haha, oh man, I bet they would!!