Monday, January 12, 2009

Windows Shopping

I went window shopping on Etsy today because after I got home at around noon from a stay at my boyfriend's house, I haven't left my house. My car is trapped in my driveway and while I was tempted to go thrifting, I haven't been feeling that irresistable urge to spend all of my money the second I get it lately. It's actually quite relieving. I haven't shopped much for myself since Christmas, and I'm still sitting on a fistful of gift cards... Here's some stuff I would love to own, but for one reason or another, I'm not buying!! I never became a recessionista, per se, I've just always been broke!

I actually really want a pair of these shoes, but these aren't my size. I guess my problem is not knowing what key words to search for with these. Anyone know anything specific that'd help me out?

Cute dress. Oh, and it would fit me? Oh, balls. I just know I'd never wear it because it's a tube dress.

I've been thrifting sequined things like crazy lately. Otherwise, this dress might tempt me to buy it.

If this would fit me, it would already be mine.

Oh, aren't WE cute?! Only $8.

Oh, I want.

Love this.

Aaaand a little something from eBay. I would rock these if that one part was any color other than yellow.

Edit: I caved and did some buying tonight...

In my defense, I was searching for ruffly pink dresses to girl-ify my new motorcycle jacket (that I... ahem... forgot about). But now I sort of want to wear this just like the girl modeling it is wearing it. $25.

Couldn't help myself. Yow, $18 for a necklace.


kait.lyn said...

i am so in love with that pink dress.

i can see it working in sooo many different ways.

love your blog!

lizbeth said...

Thank you!!

How would you wear it?

*kate* said...

$18 well spent!! if you didnt spend it on that amazingly adorable necklace you would have on something else right! plus bows and stars c'mon $18 is a steal!! just think of yourself as a great citizen trying to help out the economy :)

lizbeth said...

Haha, true. I'm a little bit obsessed with bows, stars, and necklaces... Good enough for me!!