Sunday, January 25, 2009

Katy Perry Part Three

Since I've just moved in and I'm feeling a little tired and run down, I will provide you with a bit more inspiration from my favorite, Katy Perry! All original images came from and/or Google image search.

Katy looks like a strawberry here.

Nice shot.

Ditto, but not great quality.

Nice face?

You know how I feel about florals and full skirts by now.

I just love leopard.

I like the backdrop of this best, to be honest.

Favorite spring/summer color combo.

I want her shirt.

I posted a different picture from this shoot last time, but I like this shot too.

Cute!!! Panda!

So pretty and colorful.

Fruit love.

I like those shoes for some reason...

I kind of like everything about this one.


Goldie Locks said...

I love Katy Perry too, her style is so out there and unique...she has her own blog too

Anna said...

oh i love this panda-dress

Maya said...

Shes so daring and gorgeous!

MizzJ said...

Love her, she's so fun and fresh! She has great style, and a great figure too! I'm so jealous haha.

lizbeth said...

Goldie Locks - Haha, I just spent so much time reading her blog!! Awesome :)

Anna - It's super cute... Not sure I'd wear it myself, though.

Maya - I agree!

MizzJ - I know, she's not a stick, but everything is in just the right places... Haha.