Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Riding Hoodie

Whoa, second post in a row with me in a hoodie. I'm way cranky and have had an awful day thus far, so I'll skip the pleasantries and just show you what I'm covering my skin with today.

My boots are a size 40. I am a sasquatch. Oh, and this dress is organic cotton. Eee!

Yep, I told you I was cranky.

This hoodie has these weird side flaps on the hood...

Oh bubble hems, I don't care what they say about you, I like you.

Dress: H&M
Hoodie: Forever 21
Leggings: Target
Boots: Aldo


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

even if you're cranky, you still look great! i love your dress.

kait.lyn said...

cute dress baby girl!

Emily Anne said...

Love the bubble dress! Cute.

lizbeth said...

toni - Thanks!! Haha I was cranky because I was hungry and wasted like 4 hours today and got nothing accomplished. I ate half a pizza and felt much better :)

kait.lyn - Thank you!! I need to fix the hem, I think. The bottom is weird in some places. Hmmm.

Emily Anne - Thank yoooou!! I like bubble hems, regardless of whether or not they're very stylish. Haha

*kate* said...

love your boots!! i am still on a mission for perfect flat black boots!! ahhh i am a size 10/11 so it is a bit difficult!! but you make hoodies so stylish i am in suck a winter rut... i am in buffalo, ny and it is freezing all i want to wear is a hoodie and pj pants lol

Emily Anne said...

Lizbeth - I tagged you for the 4th and 4th!! If you have no idea what im talking about, check out my post for today ;)

lizbeth said...

Haha, I already did the 4th and 4th, so maybe I'll do the 5th and 5th like you did in your blog!! Thanks!!