Friday, January 2, 2009

Jet Black New Year

Yesterday was so awfully, bitterly cold that once I was home from work, I couldn't pull myself out from under a pile of blankets to scrape together an outfit of any sort. I couldn't get rid of a chill all day. I was wearing a woman from work's coat ALL day and was still freezing. Woe.

Today I'm colorful as ever and wearing all old-ish clothes. New year my ass. The Betsey Johnson bag, however, is brand new and I bought it today as a post-Christmas treat for myself... After having weathered a somewhat dismal holiday, I felt I deserved it. Plus I was expecting a terrible paycheck and it was twice as much as what I thought I was getting. Dead serious. So I got myself a little something nice!

Ummm... What am I doing?

I love owls! And a gentle nod in Flava Flav's direction with the clock part of it.

My little pretty!

Long sleeve thermal: Kohl's
Shirt: H&M
Zip-up: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Target
Bag: Betsey Johnson
Necklace: Forever 21


Fashion Therapist said...

That zip up is SO Cute!

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love your blue flannel! i want to wear it so bad! haha. and i like your little owl clock. that's so cute. and i realized you live in boston. i've always wanted to go there. how do you like it there? pros and cons? i'm completely interested if you have the time. :)


StyleCopycat said...

Happy New year!!!

Yes lately I've been very time to check other blogs..


Dannie said...

Mmmmm...I LOVE BETSEY JOHNSON!!! That bag is ADORABLE...did you know she has a hotel now??? I was like WOW...GOTTA STAY THERE!!! Also, your blue flannel coat is seriously baaaangin!!! ;)

Eleanor said...

I've been obsessed with owls for as long as I can remember..and I ADORE the watch necklace

jaime said...

LOVE this colorful look on you! happy 2009 gorgeous, hope it's full of blessings and love!

lizbeth said...

Fashion Therapist - Thanks!!

toni - Thank you!!

Boston is home to me, and I love it. I don't live in Boston proper, but I'm there often for one reason or another and I can navigate its subway system with my eyes closed. I live on the North Shore of Boston in a suburb called Salem (which, I think most people have heard of and I can tell you about this place too, if you're interested.) I'm 15 miles north of the city itself, close enough to have once held a job where I commuted in every day.

Maybe some impressions from out-of-town friends might help... Most say it's "gorgeous" and reminds them of a European city more than anywhere else... Though it suffers from a major lack of planning (come on, it's been around since the colonial days when no one bothered to draw maps out before they made the roads!) It's very easy to get lost in, which is why I just use the subway...

I spent a lot of time in New York City, and coming home from there, it's such a small and quaint and cute place in comparison. I'm not sure exactly what else you'd like to know, but if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them!!

My favorite places: Newbury Street (fancy shmancy shopping!!). Faneuil Hall (the food!!). The Common (for relaxing). Lansdowne Street (Fenway Park and music venues). Cambridge (more music venues). Allston/Brighton (lots of friends live here).

I've heard there are some fabulous places to thrift in the area as well, but I haven't branched out from a couple local stores just yet. (You'd be surprised to learn that I only began thrifting over the summer!)

StyleCopycat - Thank you! Happy New Year to you, too!!

Dannie - Me too! I didn't know that - Where is it?! It's gotta be really cool inside.

And thank you!!

Eleanor - I actually have three owl necklaces... I love them! Thanks for the comment!

jaime - Thank you!!!! Happy 2009, I hope it's a good year for you as well!

Anonymous said...

Your bag is amazing :).

ANGiE said...

i love that out fit and betsey johnson is my LOVE :)

lizbeth said...

Nadine - Thank you!! I've gotten lots of compliments on it already - even from people who know nothing of Betsey Johnson! Makes me happy :)

Angie - Thank you!! I need a Betsey Johnson dress now! Mmmm time to save up?