Monday, December 29, 2008

I Dress Like a College Boy

I attended yet another show last night, this time to see my buddies in Envy on the Coast. I also sort of fell in love with a small band from Long Island called Lion of Ido. They were so happy and catchy! It was a great night, lots of mingling, lots of seeing people I haven't seen in ages, and new friends as always. Some friends were up from Florida and New York and it was a good old time. Lots of birthday wishes and merriment. The boys played well, I'm so proud of them. They'll be recording soon and their new songs sounded killer. And there was a donut cake (literally a GIANT donut with frosting and purple sprinkles, I wish I had a picture), which went deliciously with my beer.

So since I was just kicking around and running errands today and feeling a bit haggard, I didn't get all gussied up like usual. I do love this sweater to bits, though. I love fair isle and I love moose, so there you go. And I got these pants last winter because every boy on campus had a pair like it. They're a very fine brown corduroy. And the moccasins because another guy friend made them look so comfy. Then I actually had a long discussion with my grandfather about this type of shoe in which he showed me all of his shoes that look like mine. So I take style tips directly from guys sometimes. Big deal.

This is what my hair looks like un-brushed.

I spy stray pine needles from my Christmas tree!!

Sweater: Forever 21
Pants: Mandee
Shoes: Target


Fashion Therapist said...

I think this outfit looks great on you!!!

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

it's so funny that your outfit post is like this today because i saw a girl wearing the cutest dark pants, moccasins, and a sweater and i thought her outfit was so cute! i love this look on you. :)


Anonymous said...

What a cute sweater :).

Mina said...

you look great! your sweater is very cute!
the colour dress you ;)

Mina said...

you look great! your sweater is very cute!
the colour dress you ;)

Isa said...

that sweater is so cute! I love it! :)

also, your blog´s title makes me crave for something sweet. if I am bah´king a pie now, I´m naming it after you. or even just the next cookie I´m eating. ;)

thank you a lot for your comment on my blog too and celebrate a great NYE tomorrow!

lizbeth said...

Fashion Therapist - Thank you!! I checked out your blog and I liked it, by the way. :)

toni - That's so weird! I was in no mood to worry about looking too nice. I spent 6 hours running errands and had no time for frills :) Thank you!

Nadine - Thanks!!

Mina - Thanks! I've been wearing red all winter and sometimes it drives me a little crazy that I can't break away from it. I love blue so much!!

Isa - Thank you!! Haha, that's so cute. My blog title is rather delicious...

You also have a great New Year!!

Severn said...

those mocs look so comfortable!!

lizbeth said...

Oh, believe me, they are. And nice and warm!!

Emily said...

i love your sweater. it's supreme sweater perfection!