Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa Is Real

By the way, my Christmas was satisfactory - I got everything I asked for (minus the stuff I know has been saved for my birthday dinner on Sunday). I got an absurd amount of money in the form of gift cards, and:

Iomega Prestige 500GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Original image: Best Buy

Corsair 2GB DDR2 Laptop Memory (2 of them, to keep my computer fast!)

Original image: Best Buy

Logitech X-240 2.1 Speaker System with MP3 Player Dock

Original image: Best Buy

Multimedia Storage Tower (for all my DVDs)

Original image: Walmart

DKNY 'Be Delicious' Apple a Day Holiday Gift Set

Original image: Nordstrom

25 Pair White Laminate Shoe Organizer

Original image: Home Depot

Coinbeast Coin Purse

Original image: patinastores.com

Contemporary Home Bed in a Bag - Teal Dot

Original image: Target

Women's Remington Smooth and Silky Rechargeable Shaver

Original image: Target

Animal Planet Foam 20" Jumbo T-Rex (Silly gift from my boyfriend!)

Original image: Toys R Us

Plus a bunch of other little things, like a portable mini hair straightener (!!), lots of candies, super soft pajamas, and the fringe-y boots you already saw.

Yes, I ask for tech-y stuff and things that I need, never clothes because my family can't shop for me/wouldn't fork over the cash for all the absurd things I'd ask for. I made out pretty well, though.


Ms M said...

The shoe rack almost made me so excited i almost peed, you are toooo lucky ;)

lizbeth said...

I actually saw one in another blogger's closet, so I went out hunting for one. When I found one, I wrote down the details and added it to my Christmas list.

I LOVE versatile, space-saving organizing solutions, don't you?

yulan. said...

Such amazing stuff!

lizbeth said...

It's all pretty cool. Thanks!!