Monday, December 1, 2008

Dilemma/been tagged.

I've been tagged!! Thanks to Martine of Needles and Pins.

I'd like to tag: ŞeNaY, Maxie, Jaime , China Le, and Sam. Apologies if you've already been tagged...

Shout out those who tagged you.
List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
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1. Finding things for other people while I'm shopping. Sometimes a friend will mention something they want and I'll find it for them and tell them about it. It makes me so happy when they buy something per my recommendation.
2. Live music gigs, especially when they're my friends bands.
3. Zombie movies.
4. Chubby animals. They're so much cuter when they're plump.
5. Going to the beach at night.
6. Lolcats.

Also today, I'd like to present you with my ongoing internal struggle. I'm thinking of dying my hair black again. Last October, I went to dye it dark brown to cover up my red hair and it ended up jet black, but I loved it. It's been over a year and my hair is all grown out and back to my natural hair color. I want it to be black again, but the thing that's holding me back is all the time I put into growing my hair this long and having it all be natural. Hmmm.

Please excuse the utter ridiculousness of this picture, it was Halloween 2007. Should I go back to black?


jaime said...

aww thank you sweetie! and WOW you look great with the black hair, i personally like it and i think you can pull off the black hair so well! especially with those porcelain beautiful skin of yours :)

Cindiddy said...

wow you've got flawless skin dont you! it looks so good even with the Flash!!!

lizbeth said...

jaime - Thanks! I'm probably going to go with the black. I've had a box of black dye for months that I think I'll have to use!

Cindiddy - Sometimes! Other times, I've just learned to use makeup really well. Haha, but really, thank you so much!