Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thrift Store Win.

So I got really lucky and thrifted all three of these items the other day in one trip to my regular thrift store; the sequin top, the faux fur jacket, and the faux leather skirt (and the tights are from the outfit I posted earlier).

Excuse my disaster of a bedroom, I was in the middle of ripping apart my closet and dreaming up outfits for next week. Speaking of which, that purse is so yummy. You'll see it next week. FYI, the calendar behind me is still sitting on July 2007. My TV hasn't been used since about then, either.

Yeah, I'm only wearing like 10 trends at once.


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

that's an awesome find! it looks so white and new.
the fur jackets at my thrift stores are all expensive. maybe i'll score one at a decent price someday! :)

lizbeth said...

Thank you, miss! I wasn't out searching specifically for a fur coat (I was actually there to sift through horrendous Christmas sweaters), but I always pass through the coat section (and the shoe section... and the dress section... and... you get the idea) on my trips, and this one was just too hard to resist. I've seen a bunch of nappy fur coats and silly oversized ones, but this one was just right! That baby only cost me 13 bones and I feel so criminally fabulous in it. I hope you have luck finding one of your own!!

Song of Style said...

lovely outfit gorgeous!!!

withasianstereotypes said...

Those tights on both posts are incredibly lovely. You certainly have the legs for it. I adore both outfits you look very dead on brilliant!


Natalie said...

wow, that's a gorgeous fur. it's hard to pull off white fur, but you definitely manage! the tights are great too; i've been looking for a pair of lacey tights.

alyssa said...

love the lace and that jacket! it's amazing. you look fabulous. said...

Thank Lizbeth to be my first follwer.
Nice blog!!!

WendyB said...

The more trends, the merrier :-)

lizbeth said...

Song of Style - Aw, you're sweet, thanks.

China Le - Thank you tons!! :)

Alyssa - Thanks, I feel pretty fabulous!

Natalie - Hey, thanks!! I wasn't sure about the white either at first, but for $13 I had to take it with me. - Am I really the first follower? I really like how you pick just one item or trend and post lots of pictures on it on your blog. It offers a lot of different ideas all at once!

WendyB - Yeah... As long as it doesn't just look like trend vomit :)

Thanks for visiting!!