Thursday, December 18, 2008

Untamed Menagerie

A little bit ago, I wore one of my pieces from an Etsy shop called Untamed Menagerie. This mother-daughter team crafts silhouette pendants and jewelry from acrylic. The jewelry ranges from classic to gothic to just plain cute. And they're such sweet girls. I own two pieces so far.

I bought my first necklace, the "Curiouser" necklace after having stumbled upon their shop in an Alice and Wonderland themed search. Less than a week after receiving it, I decided I wanted another piece, so I contacted them and they were kind enough to reserve me a listing of a pendant that I didn't see in stock. Having received excellent customer service both times, I don't even need to say it, but I love their stuff!

My "Curiouser" necklace:

My "Pocket Full of Posies" pendant (it's quite big and still needs a chain!!):

Here are some of my other favorites:



Marie Antoinette:


Melancholy Lashes:

Visit the shop's profile and shop around: Untamed Menagerie.


Londyn said...

I love the couture necklace :)

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love the lashes one. these are beautiful!


jaleh said...

what an amazing post. these are all so cool!

i think yours is the best though - i love alice in wonderland :)

lizbeth said...

Londyn - Me too! It was the first one I saw besides my Curiouser one. I'll probably end up buying most of these sometime soon.

toni - That one looks so delicate, I'd be so afraid I'd break it! I love it too, though.

Jaleh - Thanks!! I love Alice in Wonderland as well. I thought text like this was a really neat idea for a necklace. :)