Monday, December 15, 2008

Old Clothes

Just a little outfit quickie. Everything I'm wearing, minus the tights, is kind of old. Really awkward pictures, too. I haven't been feeling very great about myself in front of the camera lately. Sigh.

I need a haircut so badly that it hurts to look at myself.

I am, of course, vexed by the idea of a wool miniskirt. Sounds like sort of an oxymoron to me.

Blazer: Don't remember.
Tank top: Don't remember.
Necklace: Don't remember.
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Dots
Shoes: Payless


Stylecopycat said...

I love Smashing Pumpkins too!!!
Thank you for your visit,and if I can help you with the links...

K.B. said...

done! thank you :)

jaime said...

you are looking stunning as usual liz! and of course i already added you :)

Sperziebooooooon said...

I never been here before but I like your style!
I will come back more!

(Sorry for my english)

alyssa said...

love that blazer!

lizbeth said...

Stylecopycat - Excellent!

K.B. Thanks!

jaime - You're the best, girl! Thanks!

Sperziebooooooon - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my blog :)

alyssa - Thanks, I wish I knew where it came from. It reminds me of something I'd see on a Japanese street style site and I don't know why. It's pretty sweet, though. Thanks again!