Saturday, December 13, 2008

In the Navy

Going against my normal tendency, which would be to avoid too much of any one color, today I wondered what it would be like to dress entirely (as in, from head to toe) in one color.

The yellow was reflecting off the walls and onto my blazer for some reason. It's not even shiny.

I like these buttons. What else is new?

I am just over the moon for these shoes. There's not much more to say, but I think they're exquisite.

Dress: Vintage
Blazer: H&M
Tank top: Sears (worn underneath)
Skirt: Mum's old hand-me-down (worn underneath).
Leggings: Target
Thigh-highs: Thrifted tights that I ripped and cut into thigh-highs.
Booties: eBay


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i want to steal those shoes. they are awesome!!


Mina said...

hey! i´m from germany and hope that my english is good enough ;)
well i found your blog a few minutes ago... wow its great! i love you own style, the wonderful outfits... great!
i will read your blog the next times!

Val said...

I'm in love with the dress and booties.

Anonymous said...

ah can i have your outfit!!! this is perfect! so lovely and chic!great colors<3

Emily said...

your shoes are amazing!

lizbeth said...

toni - I don't know what I was searching on eBay when I found them, but I snapped them up the second I saw them. Sometimes impulse purchases are worth it :)

Mina - Your English is great! Thank you so much for checking my blog out! I checked yours out and while I don't speak a word of German (I wish I did), I think you've got a nice style as well!

Val - I'm glad you like them! There's one pair left of those shoes on the whole entire internet and they're a size 8. I hope they find a good home!

┼×eNaY - Haha, I'd let you borrow it if you weren't so far away. Thank you, though!!

Emily - Thanks! I feel the same way about them :)